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  1. Legal information and acceptance.

These General Terms and Conditions governing the use and access to the Internet portal https://www.redext.com (hereinafter, the Portal) owned by INSTALACIONES ESPECIALES DE PUBLICIDAD EXTERIOR S.L. (hereinafter, IEPE) with tax identification code (CIF) B-84265479 and corporate address at Avenida de los Pirineos nº7 San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid) entered in the Companies Register of Madrid in Volume 21056, Sheet 83 and Page M-373604. Please ensure that you have read and fully understood the following. Should you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us at datos@redext.com

This Legal Notice includes the obligatory statutory legal information, as well as the general terms and conditions for browsing the Portal and interacting with it. The use of the Portal confers the status of user of the Portal (hereinafter the “User”) and implies the acceptance of all the rules of use contained within this Legal Notice. The use of the website www.redext.com is, in principle, free of charge.

It is recommended that the User consult this Legal Notice on each of the occasions the Portal is used, given that it may have been amended since the last time the user visited the Portal. IEPE does not guarantee the availability or the future maintenance of the services accessible through the Portal, and may at any time to decide to interrupt, suspend or definitively cancel this Portal without this giving rise to the right to any form of compensation for the Users.

We also ask that you review our Privacy and Policy so that you are familiar with our practices in this matter.

  1. Terms and Conditions for using the Portal.

2.1 General

The User must make correct use of the Portal in accordance with the Law and this Legal Notice, as well as the other specific conditions which may be applicable to certain services. Furthermore, the User shall be liable to the IEPE or third parties for any loss or damages that they may cause as a result of non-fulfilment of this obligation. It is expressly prohibited to use the Portal for purposes harmful to the property or interests of IEPE which in any other form overload, damage or render the networks, servers and other computer equipment (hardware) products and computer applications (software) of IEPE third parties unusable.

The reproduction, duplication, copy, sale, resale or exploitation of any type of the IEPE services or part thereof for commercial purposes is not permitted without our prior written consent. The User also undertakes not to send messages using a false identity, or by concealing the source of the message.

2.2 Content and Intellectual and Industrial Property

All content of the portal, including, but not limited to, the text, photographs, graphics, images, icons, widgets, technology, software, links and other audiovisual or audio content, as well as their graphic design and source code (hereinafter, the “Content”), which may be the object of intellectual property, belong to IEPE or to third parties with whom the Portal has reached an agreement without this being understood that any of the rights of use recognised by the legislation in force in relation to intellectual property have been transferred to the Users. In particular, the Users must abstain from reproducing, copying, distributing, making available, publicly communicating, transforming or modifying the Content unless in those cases authorised by law and with the express consent of IEPE.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, during the time that the Users remain connected to the Portal they will be able to make use of said Content in so far as is necessary for browsing and only with regard to such Content accessible in accordance with the regulations provided for in this Legal Notice. Once the User disconnects from our Portal, they shall retain no right of use over the above-mentioned Content.

The graphs, logotypes, page headers, button icons, scripts and service names which appear included or available through the IEPE services are registered trademarks or represent the commercial image of IEPE or some of the companies of its GROUP. It is not permitted to use the registered trademarks or the commercial image of IEPE or of any of the companies of its Group in relation to any product or service that does not form part of the Portal, nor in any form susceptible to causing confusion among the users or which may diminish or discredit the former. There may be brands in the Portal that belong to third parties, who may or may not be related in some way to IEPE, without this attributing the right over said brands to the Users.

Furthermore, nor is it permitted to use framing techniques to insert any commercial brand, logotype or other information which may be protected by copyright (including images, text, page designs or formats) owned by IEPE without prior written consent. Nor is it permitted to use meta tags or any other “hidden text” which uses the names or trademarks of the Portal without prior written consent.

  1. Data Protection

The Privacy and Data Protection Policy of IEPE and it is GROUP companies will be accessible at all times on the Portal via the Privacy Policy link which you can find at the bottom of our page. We ask that you read the aforementioned document in detail so that you are aware of our policies. Notwithstanding and without prejudice to that established in the aforementioned document, we remind you that the use of certain services is conditioned to the prior completion of the corresponding User registration.

4 Exclusion of liability

4.1 Concerning the quality of the Service

The connection to the Portal is via open networks in such a manner that IEPE does not control the security of the communication of data nor the equipment connected to the Internet. It is the responsibility of the User to have the suitable tools for the prevention, detection and disinfection of harmful computer programs or malware. IEPE accepts no liability for any damage caused to the computer equipment of Users or third parties caused by the acts of third parties during the connection to the Portal.

4.2 Concerning the availability of the Service

Access to the Portal requires services and supplies of third parties, including the transport via telecommunications networks whose reliability, quality, security, continuity and functioning are not the responsibility of IEPE and are not under its control. IEPE is not liable for any damages or losses of any kind caused to the User as a result of faults or disconnections in the telecommunications networks that result in the suspension, cancellation or interruption of the service, during the provision thereof or prior thereto, nor does it undertake to ensure that the transmission network is operational at all times.

4.3 Concerning content and services linked through the Portal

The Portal may include links that allow the User to access other websites and portals on the Internet (hereinafter “Linked Sites”). In these cases, IEPE acts as an intermediary service provider in accordance with article 17 of Law 34/2002, of 11 July, regarding the Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services (“LSSI”) and will only be liable for the content and services supplied by the Linked Sites insofar as it is aware of the unlawful nature and has not deactivated the link with due diligence. In the case that the User considers that there is a Linked Site with unlawful or inappropriate content they can inform IEPE in accordance with the procedure and the purposes established in clause 5 of this Legal Notice, without this communication implying the obligation to remove the corresponding link. Under no circumstances shall the existence of Linked Sites imply the existence of agreements with the persons responsible or their owners, nor the recommendation, promotion or the identification of IEPE with the declarations, content or services provided.

IEPE is unaware of the content and services of the Linked Sites and therefore is not liable for any damages arising due to the unlawfulness, quality, discontinuance, unavailability, error or worthlessness of the content and/or services of the Linked Sites nor for any other damages that are not directly attributable to IEPE due to its own services.

4.4 Concerning the content of third parties hosted by IEPE

Some IEPE products, services or programs may include third-party content. In these cases IEPE acts as an intermediary service provider for hosting in accordance with article 16 of Law 34/2002, of 12 July, regarding the Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services (“LSSI”), and will only be liable for the content uploaded by other Users insofar as it is aware of the unlawful nature and has not removed the unlawful content with due diligence. In the case that the User considers that there are unlawful or inappropriate comments or content uploaded by other Users they can inform IEPE in accordance with the procedure and the purposes established in clause 6 of this Legal Notice, without this communication implying the obligation to remove the corresponding comment or content.

Under no circumstances shall the existence of comments or content by third parties imply the existence of agreements with the authors thereof, nor the recommendation, promotion or the identification of IEPE with the declarations or information provided.

4.5 Concerning the confidentiality of the information transmitted via the Portal

IEPE has the legally required security measures to ensure the confidentiality and secrecy of the data of a personal nature that the Users provide on our Portal. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the transmission of said date to IEPE or any of the companies of its GROUP are transmitted via third-party telecommunications networks not controlled by IEPE. Additionally, the existence of malware on its equipment may result in said information being resent or recovered about their knowledge.

IEPE is not answerable to the lack of confidentiality of the information transmitted via the equipment and telecommunications networks of third parties nor for the vulnerabilities of the software or hardware on the Users’ own equipment.

  1. Communication of third party activities or services of an unlawful or inappropriate nature

In the case that the User or any other Internet user becomes aware of Linked Sites or any other third-party service provided by IEPE (e.g. User comments where they are permitted, etc.), are unlawful, harmful, degrading, violent or immoral or that any of the information included by the Users themselves, via the services offered on the Portal are deemed to be considered as that previously described, you can contact IEPE indicating the following information:

  1. Personal details of the communicating partly: name, address, telephone number and email address. These details shall be processed with the sole purpose of managing your request and they shall be included in a file owned by IEPE for the sole purpose of attending to your request. You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and, where applicable, opposition in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Privacy Policy. The omission of any of these details may result in your request not being attended to without prejudice to the voluntary inquiries that IEPE may wish to carry out.
  2. Description of the events that reveal the inappropriate nature of the Linked Site;

III. In the case that the infringement of rights, such as intellectual and industrial property or any other the existence of which may not be deduced by IEPE, the personal details of the owner of the infringed right when this is a person other than the communicating party as well as the letter of representation to act on behalf of the owner when this person is different to the communicating party. In addition, in these cases documentation must be provided that demonstrates the existence of injured title or asset.

  1. Express declaration of the information contained in the claim is accurate.

The receipt by IEPE of the communication provided for in this clause does not imply, in accordance with the provisions set forth in the LSSI the effective knowledge of the activities and/or content indicated by the communicating party.

  1. Customer service

Should you have a query, suggestion, claim or require any further information regarding our website, please contact the IEPE Customer Service via email to info@redext.com or by telephone on +34 91 653 7211

  1. Jurisdiction and Legislation

The parties, expressly waive their own legal court and jurisdiction, accept the governing Law of this contract, that of Spain, and submit for resolution any disputes that may arise therefrom before the Courts of Madrid.

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